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RJE Machinery, Inc began manufacturing corrugated Sample Makers in 1981 as one of our premier products.  Now, well into its second decade, the sample maker is still a basic product made here in America.  The industry standard size remains to be the 96" machine, which incorporates a 96" hand operated guillotine shear, a foot operated creaser bar and a foot operated jaw slotter.  The sample table is a complete workstation for the production of sample boxes, and limited production runs.


Some of the refinements we have made over the years include under-table mounted counter-weight for the hand shear, see-through gauge for the bar creaser, Formica table tops, an under table tool drawer, bearing pivot points for the jaw slotter, and air powered operation if both the creaser and the jaw slotter. 


For larger runs, a motorized Two-Bar Slitter is available.




















                                            96" Air Powered Sampler






Standard features include:

    96" Hand shear

    96" Bar creaser

    24" Jaw slotter

    1/4" standard slot width, other widths available.

    Counter-weight mounted under table.

    Table height:  34"

    Floor space - Sampler:  6' x 11'

                        Sample Maker:  16' x 11'











                                    96" Motorized Two Bar Slitter (guard open to show detail)