RJE SAG-4000 Gluer

Semi-automatic cold set gluer

    The RJE SAG-4000 Semi-Automatic Gluer is specially designed to glue unusual designed corrugated cartons.  Utilizing a glue wheel instead of extrusion, the SAG-4000 head crushes the glue flap while applying the glue.  This results in a more uniform stack of cartons for strapping and shipping.  The unique staging action compression section indexes the boxes as they are glued, increasing compression time for glue cure while allowing the compression deck to take up only nine feet of floor space.  The 72" throat will accommodate up to a 144" unfolded blank, but is still versatile enough to handle the smallest die cuts.  The easy-to-use guide is the only set-up required to change boxes.  In addition, the SAG-4000 will glue inside or outside glue laps with no change-over!  This versatile gluer uses 110 Volt AC power, so it can be used anywhere in your plant without simply an extension cord.

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                                        Throat on Compression Section                         72"

                                        Minimum Glue Tab Width                                 None

                                        Maximum Glue Tab Width                                2"  (Other widths available)

                                        Electrical Requirements                                   110 Volt AC

                                        Floor Space                                                     7' x 14'




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