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RJE Machinery, Inc. offers different printers to fill whatever need you may have for printing behind a boxmaker, whether it be a Magellan Boxmaker or a Rite-Size Boxmaker. For limited part number and certification stamp printing, a Spot Printer is applicable. For more complex printing and for logo work, either a rebuilt used printer or a new RJE PRF printer is the ticket. For even higher registration work and finer line screen work, please click the link to read about the Magellan Servo-Flex Printer.






A new RJE PRF-55 Flexo Printer. This machine features single hand wheel adjustment for feed roll pressures and impression pressure as well as air bladder control of the carbon fiber composite meter bar. Large unitized doors make access to all drive components easy and fast. Heavy-duty Made in America quality makes this a first rate printer.








A rebuilt Rite-Size Printer converted to meter-type flexo printing. Complete reworking of the machine make this an affordable alternative to a new machine.