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Sizes Available:

88" x 200"  and 110" x 250"

Single Wall, Double Wall, and Triple Wall   

 RJE Machinery, Inc. is proud to introduce you to the Magellan Boxmaker. Designed specifically for the manufacture of large format corrugated cartons, the Magellan Boxmaker completes short runs of very large cartons easily.
    The Magellan produces a complete box blank (including the glue tab) in a single pass using a single operator. This includes the flap scores, the body creases, the flap slots, and trimming both the left side and the end of the sheet, all in a single pass! In addition, the Magellan offers full width flexo printing and sheet stacking as available options. (please see additional flyers for these items.)
    The Magellan is capable of processing single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated simply by adjusting the machine. Sheets larger than the required box blank size can be fed into the machine to be trimmed during the process as well as sheets pre-cut to the proper size before hand.

















Set-up takes about two minutes without tools. Setting up the optional Flexographic printer and/or sheet stacker will add additional time depending on the box to be printed or stacked.
A variety of styles may be produced on the Magellan Boxmaker, a complete list of which are included on the Style List Page.