RJE 120" Four Bar Slitter

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    The RJE 120" Four Bar Slitter is solid, American made equipment, designed for ease of operation and engineered for performance.  Furnished with six sets of standard 8.75" OD x 6" ID scores and four sets of trim knives for three out operation, our equipment incorporates readily available American made components.

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The extra deep 48" feed table gives a good work area while fast and easy set-ups are made in the illuminated extra tall shaft area.  Shafts are easily exposed and rotated by the remote hand wheel with no restrictive bars or braces to get in the way.  The heads are easily positioned using the conveniently located tape measures over each slitter shaft.









Reliable, quality performance is the result of experienced design.  Solid steel chrome shafts are mounted in heavy-duty self-aligning bearings resulting in high quality performance with a minimum of down time.  The lubricated bearings and wear surfaces are equipped with easily accessible grease fittings.  The lubricated bearings and timing belt drive result in less required maintenance.  Perfect synchronization results in less heat buildup, lower bearing loads, longer life, and less down time.

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