ALF Automatic Label Feeder

Feeder for small format label laminators.

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    RJE Machinery, Inc. is pleased to announce a new product in our catalog, the ALF Automatic Label Feeder. The ALF comes in three sizes, 36x48, 48x60, and 60x72. The ALF is designed to eliminate the repetitive motion of feeding labels into a label gluer. In addition to this benefit, productivity increases because of the timed operation of the feeder, thus providing a constant feed interval.
    Utilizing air power with an industrial PLC, the Alf is not only easy to operate, it is easy to maintain as well. All that is required for operation is a 110 volt extension cord and 1 scfm of air at 80 p.s.i. An air holding tank (included) provides a constant air supply. An easy to adjust timer allows the machine to be set to feed from one to twenty labels per minute.
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                                                        An ALF 3648 feeding a 36?label laminator.