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 RJE Machinery, Inc. is proud to present the newest product in the RJE family - the Magellan LD Boxmaker.  The Magellan LD Boxmaker is a new concept in short-run Boxmaking design.  It is new from the ground up. 


The Magellan LD Boxmaker was conceived to address the short-run large format box industry, but to do so at not only an affordable price but at a higher production speed than most other boxmakers of comparable size.

The Magellan LD is a center-set machine, meaning all settings are made from the center of the machine, much like that of a press or a die cutter.  The maximum sheet across of the machine is 92" and the standard length through the machine is 200", but this can be modified to greater length if required.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen for easy data entry and  features data storage as well as network and remote connectivity.

Optional equipment include side trim capability, flexo printing of full 92" width, as well as sheet stackers and infeed lifts.





Some boxmakers on the market today promise speed at the expense of flexibility.  Most of these machines require the sheets to be pre-cut to the proper width and length prior to processing.  Some even require that the sheets be pre-scored.  While this requirement may be acceptable for long runs on printer slotters, this loss of flexibility is a disadvantage for the fast turn- around market for short-run cartons.  The reason these sheets must be pre-sized is the fact that the machines have no cutting ability in either direction. 

The Magellan LD Boxmaker runs at the same speed as these other machines, but cuts the length of the sheet automatically! With the optional side trim attachment, the Magellan LD Boxmakers will trim the width of the sheet also.  Get the most for your equipment budget  - specify the machine that can process stock material that is already in-house, not limited to material that has to brought in pre-cut and/or pre-scored.  

Magellan LD Capacities

Text Box:         Maximum Blank Width                                           92?#13;
        Minimum Blank Width                                            8?#13;
        Maximum Blank Length                       Unlimited (without printing)
        Minimum Blank Length                                          20?#13;
        Maximum Single Panel                                      Unlimited
        Minimum Single Panel                                            1/2?#13;
        Maximum Slotting Depth—Std.                               19?#13;
        Max. Custom Slotting Depth                                  23.75?#13;
        Minimum Slotting Depth                                       No limit
        Box Width plus Length Minimum                              10?#13;
        Box Depth Max.—Standard                                       54?#13;
        With Custom Slot Depth                                           44.5?#13;
        Minimum Box Depth                                                 4?#13;
        Minimum End Trim                                                 3/4?#13;
        End Trim Maximum (auto-drop)                               6?#13;
        End Trim Max. Manual Pull Back                          Unlimited
        Accuracy                                                              +/- 1/16?nbsp;      
        Minimum Blank Size                                              8?x 20?#13;
        Glue Tab Width                                                  User defined
        Feed table Height                                                40-1/2?#13;
        Set-up Time                                                     30?90 seconds
        Slot Width (std)                                                      5/16?#13;
        Slot Width (custom)                                                 3/8?#13;
        Production Rate                                              300-700 per hour*
       Tools required for set-up                                         None
        *Production rate varies by style and configuration of carton being made.






























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